Increase the sustainability compliance safety productivity uptime
of your coach operations

Optimize your coach operations, ensure compliance, and elevate driver and passenger safety with SCALAR, ZF’s pioneering Orchestration Platform.

Inter-city passenger transport

Group travel

Ensure adherence to driving regulations



Monitor driver’s hours and gain all necessary operations data remotely and in real-time to be compliant with EU CSRD regulations. 

  • Driving and resting times
  • Real-time data insights
  • Remote data download
  • R141-compliant

Keep your drivers and passengers safe



Improve driver awareness, traffic regulation compliance, and safety protocols. Identify risks and alert drivers to prevent distracted driving behavior. 

Provide clean and sustainable inter-city transit services



Encourage drivers to adopt a more sustainable driving style.  Evaluate driving style and refueling behavior to reduce your overall fleet fuel costs.

  • Driving style behavior
  • Refueling behavior
  • Fleet fuel costs visibility
  • Tire pressure management




Define virtual perimeters to monitor vehicle entry and exit from designated areas, and receive instant notifications when vehicles deviate from predetermined geographical areas.

  • Boundary enforcement
  • Security alerts

Facilitate better operational decision-making



Direct drivers on predetermined routes and schedules, considering factors such as distance, traffic conditions, speed, and passenger demand, to boost efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Real-time track & trace
  • Route computation

Keep your vehicles on the road


Achieve real-time transparency in vehicle performance, enhancing tire durability through the timely detection of tire pressure issues, and optimize maintenance schedules.

  • Vehicle performance analysis
  • Tire pressure management

Nominated for
Digital Operational Excellence Award 2023

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