With SCALAR EBPMS API customers/partners can call the braking system results (pass/fail). But we do not provide detailed data behind the results as those are proprietary and neither to we share the entire service.

EBPMS – Inspection support

Produce a braking performance report for use during preventative maintenance inspections by the maintenance provider providing a brake performance value for the inspection period and a performance trend graph.

EBPMS – Portal

Provide vehicle operator with access to a system that allows historical braking performance reports to be viewed for up to 36 months in the past and shall be verifiable as a true record.

EBPMS – Report on braking performance

Provide vehicle operator with the ability to produce a braking performance report and report if there is insufficient data to provide a brake performance value.

EBPMS – General

SCALAR EBPMS enables the braking performance of a commercial vehicle to be monitored and recorded during everyday operation under a variety of operating conditions. It autonomously collects braking event data during every braking event and analyses the data over time to produce a braking performance value.



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