The AI-powered fleet management solution for cargo

SCALAR is your Fleet Orchestration Platform (FOP) for cargo fleets. Via advanced AI, it enables you to make data-driven decisions on what, where and when to move goods and automates your related fleet operations. 

Long haul transport

Short haul delivery

Ensure goods safely arrive on time

SCALAR helps fleets ensure they send the right vehicle to the right place at the right time. It optimizes planning, routing, dispatching, and business intelligence, resulting in automation of your manual workflows, time-saving, and it helps you achieve the most profitable business margins. 

You need your vehicles to be reliable to generate revenue. SCALAR keeps your fleet running by analyzing vehicle components remotely. This enables early detection, timely maintenance, and less downtime.

Plan the best routes

Use route optimization software to find the most efficient routes that avoid traffic, tolls, and delays.


Maximize shipments

Match shipments and trucks effectively, to optimize vehicle usage and ensure timely delivery.

Avoid breakdowns

Increase fleet reliability by preventing breakdowns at an early stage with smart predictive maintenance.


SCALAR helps you to optimize vehicle usage, and route planning, while maximizing vehilce uptime and fuel efficiency. Thanks to this, your business does not only become more profitable but also allows you to reduce the CO2 emission of your fleet.

Make your fleet green

Improve fuel efficiency to lower your fleet’s carbon footprint and operational expenses.

Advance sustainability

By optimizing vehicle usage, route planning, while maximizing vehicle uptime, you can meet your sustainability goals easily.


Monitor and comply

Use real-time reporting tools to track carbon emissions of your fleet and to comply with environmental rules.


SCALAR provides you with powerful tools to help optimize your vehicle usage, routing, and dispatching, including the related administrative tasks around cargo transport resulting in improved performance, lower costs, and higher customer satisfaction.


Save time and money

Achieve better scheduling with real-time data on vehicle location, status, and availability.

Automate reports

Eliminate manual reporting by using automated solutions for all your driving data.

Minimize administration

Cut down on paperwork by streamlining data collection, reporting, and analysis.


Whether you need to comply with regulations for food, dangerous goods, or emissions, or other aspects of transportation, SCALAR is your key to long-term success.

Reduce emissions

Improve your ecological footprint by reducing fuel consumption, with driving behavior analysis and route optimization.


Manage regulations

Use AI-based fleet management solutions and real-time data to comply with regulations.


Support your drivers

Help your drivers with clear instructions to improve their safety and efficiency.


SCALAR aims to increase safety for drivers, other road users and pedestrians (on the road, in the yard, and at the loading dock). It helps to analyze driver behavior, supports to mitigate time pressure and stress for the driver, and contributes to avoid vehicle breakdowns.

Improve driving behavior

Prevent accidents and damage to your vehicles and cargo. Monitor driving behavior and give feedback.


Prevent accidents

Prevent tire blowouts and improve vehicle stability. Remind drivers when to take a break.


Protect your assets

Use data on loading techniques to decrease accidents on the road and when unloading.


Keep your trucks, trailers, and cargo secure at all times. SCALAR sets new standards with advanced remote features and integrated solutions, contributing to advanced cargo protection.


Protect your cargo

Remotely control and monitor the status of products and goods you are transporting.


Prevent theft

Protect your vehicles from unauthorized access and theft and secure your cargo with real-time data.

Protect your drivers

Send alerts to drivers on how to avoid unsafe routes and areas, and provide alternatives.


"As a trailer rental company, telematics offer us an overview of our trailers when on the road and insights into the technical performance and health condition of our trailer park. This way we keep our trailers in top condition at all times. And in the office, with our brand-new SCALAR back-office platform, the management of our trailers has never been more intuitive and user-friendly."

SCALAR is scalable

Pick and choose the right solutions for your fleet


Full transparency by connecting all your vehicles and assets with telematics.



A complete range of unique SaaS solutions.



Premium platform & data services, support, installation, consultancy and more.

Nominated for
SOLUTRANS I-nnovation Awards 2023


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