The on-demand platform for electric fleets

SCALAR is a SaaS platform for on-demand transit for public transport and corporate mobility. It enables you to optimize routes, implement sustainable fleet management and provide on-time services that travelers can rely on every day.

Public transport

Corporate mobility

Ensure travelers always arrive on time

SCALAR helps you increase the profitability and customer satisfaction of on-demand transit services. It creates optimal vehicle planning and defines the best routes to ensure that travelers always arrive at their destinations on time.

SCALAR allows operators to deploy fleets of electric vehicles to provide clean and sustainable on-demand transit services in inner cities and beyond.


The right vehicle

Adapt vehicle-matching behaviour specifically to each service you operate, including battery status of your electric fleet.

The right time and place

Optimise efficient and sustainable route planning in real-time using less vehicles, deployment and movements.


The right data

Gain all necessary operations data to be compliant with EU CSRD regulations.

Operator using SCALAR

The SCALAR platform enables operators to offer cost-effective on-demand transportation services without incurring upfront setup fees.


Pay as you grow

Applications and APIs are included in monthly subscription

On-demand driver using SCALAR

The SCALAR algorithm uses real-time data and integrates all modes of transit across your entire ecosystem.

Take full control over your mobility platform


Provide multiple service types using one fleet


Manage mixed fleets of driven and automated vehicles

SCALAR for On-Demand People Transport

SCALAR is ZF’s Fleet Orchestration Platform (FOP). ZF is a trusted global technology provider in the transport industry and a leader in the electrification and digitalization of road transport.

i&any Mobility vehicle
Passenger waiting for vehicle

"The i&any service offers a sustainable and flexible mobility option in the gaps of public transport. With our eco-friendly electric fleet and strategic collaboration with ZF, i&any will improve the quality of life in swiss city centers."

Automate your operations

The SCALAR platform offers you a full-service, online command center that empowers you to manage and monitor every aspect of daily operations, including call center functions, scheduling and real-time planning. It is connected with our On-Demand Driver and Traveler mobile apps to ensure accurate data and information at all times.

Nominated for
Digital Operational Excellence Award 2023

Busworld Digital Awards

Let your drivers focus on the road

SCALAR On-Demand Driver

The SCALAR On-Demand Driver mobile app is the ultimate tool for drivers. This app ensures drivers can complete transport missions efficiently and safely, without the need for additional navigation apps, while meeting service criteria and vehicle requirements.

  • Real-time mission details
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Traveler validation
  • Issue reporting
  • Easy access to upcoming rides

Convert more travelers to use your service

SCALAR Traveler

The SCALAR Traveler mobile app connects your travelers with your drivers. The white-labeled app is fully customizable to match your brand and services. It has an intuitive interface that allows travelers to:

  • Create profiles
  • Register payment methods
  • Book rides
  • Track live ETAs
  • Rate services and drivers

ZF joins the EU project ULTIMO

The EU-funded project ULTIMO will deploy automated vehicles in 3 sites across Europe, ​each with 15 or more multi-vendor vehicles per fleet.



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