Get real-time visibility into your trailers and cargo

Streamline your workflows, help reduce costs, and help increase margins. Enhance trailer utility and help ensure proactive maintenance of brakes, tires, and lights for better road safety with real-time insights from SCALAR.



Containers & Chassis


Drive efficiency and profit


Turn data into actionable insights


Enhance asset recovery and theft prevention


Help avoid fines and unplanned downtime

Deliver a better customer experience

Take the guesswork out of your operations

SCALAR can be tailored to suit your business needs. Our one-of-a-kind platform offers an easy way to track your trailer and monitor cargo by providing insights into location, brakes, tires, weight and space capacity, security and more. SCALAR helps you orchestrate and simplify every aspect of delivery for a smooth and efficient experience that keeps your fleet in sync.

Improve uptime for your business operations with our customized solutions. Your assets should always be reliable and ready to go. Uptime leads to more revenue and customer satisfaction.

Help avoid breakdowns

Prevent serious problems with comprehensive maintenance insights. Spot and fix issues before they escalate.


Maximize shipments

Match freight and trucks effectively to prevent disruptions to schedules. This will reduce empty miles and idle time.

Plan the best routes

Use route optimization software to find the most efficient routes that avoid traffic jams and delays.

Keep your trailers and cargo secure. Help prevent theft and damaged cargo and promote driver safety. Install door ajar sensors, electronic locks, and utilize SCALAR alarms for protection – which helps your business save money, improve reliability, and increase efficiency.

Protect your cargo

Ensure cargo integrity. Remotely control and monitor cargo status while it is being transported.


Help prevent theft

Protect your trailer from unauthorized access and theft. With real-time data and reliable solutions, you can secure your assets.

Protect your drivers

Help your drivers by sending alerts in case of security breaches. Monitor and control the status of cargo doors or avoid unsafe routes and areas.

Always protect your drivers and your cargo. SCALAR offers a variety of tools to improve performance, help avoid accidents, and handle road incidents.


Help prevent accidents

Protect against tire blowouts and improve vehicle stability and safety by tracking data on tire pressure, roll stability, and light-out detection to ensure the trailer is seen in all road conditions.

Improve driving behavior

Reduce the risk of accidents and damage to your vehicles and cargo. Monitor critical events like harsh braking to better understand driver performance in certain situations and address any alarming driving habits.


Help minimize vehicle damage

Ensure your trailer has the proper health to help avoid unnecessary downtime and potential issues due to tire blow outs and critical ABS faults.

Increase productivity by improving efficiency, safety, and driver performance. SCALAR gives you the benefits of digitalization and connectivity right at your fingertips. Not only will it help improve customer satisfaction, but your business too.


Save time and money

Achieve better scheduling and dispatching with real-time data on vehicle location, status, and availability. This will optimize workflows and increase profits.

Automate reports

Make your operations more efficient than ever. SCALAR helps you eliminate manual reporting of driving data and reduces paperwork.

Minimize administration

Cut down on administrative duties by automating and streamlining data collection, reporting, and analysis.

Reduce the risk of violations. Whether you need to comply with regulations for vehicle inspection, food, dangerous goods, or other aspects of transportation, SCALAR is your key to long-term success.


Prevent avoidable infractions

Ensure your fleet complies with transportation regulations and adheres to maintenance requirements.


Proactively address issues

Get notified about your asset’s maintenance needs and proactively address issues to meet compliance standards.


Make reporting simpler

Maintain accurate maintenance records and easily track trailer health to ensure you’re staying compliant with legislation requirements.

Optimize sustainability strategies and gain a competitive edge in the market as a responsible business. SCALAR leverages telematics and AI to support your sustainability in the transportation industry. It provides real-time insights to comply with regulatory standards.


Monitor and comply

Use real-time reporting tools to track monitor total trailer weight and fuel consumption to comply with relevant governmental and environmental regulations.

Make your fleet green

Adopt eco-friendly practices such as fuel efficiency which can help you lower your fleet’s carbon footprint and operational expenses.

Advance sustainability

Advance your sustainability by electrifying your fleet, implementing more efficient routing, and promoting better driver education.

Key features

Cargo temperature monitoring


Tire pressure monitoring

Light-out detection


Diagnostic fault codes

Trailer load weight


Door closed/open status

Everything you need in one modular platform

SCALAR is scalable

Pick and choose the right solutions for your fleet


Full transparency by connecting all your vehicles and assets with IoT devices and telematics.



A complete range of unique SaaS solutions.


Premium platform & data services, support, installation, consultancy and more.

The people behind SCALAR

ZF is a leading global technology supplier capable of shaping the future of commercial transportation systems. Dedicated to enriching fleet management, ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions division and Digital Fleet Solutions team are helping innovate the next era of fleet management and vehicle connectivity solutions. ZF partners with top-tier suppliers around the world to deliver a streamlined solution of rich data that enables managers to make informed decisions about their business operations. As fleet management evolves towards the orchestration and automation of freight logistics, ZF continues to help advance the industry with intelligent solutions that optimize efficiency. 

Orchestrating the future

With over 25 percent of freight journeys estimated to be empty runs, SCALAR enables optimal fleet utilization by sending the right driver to the right vehicle at the right time to help you choose the best route for saving fuel, keeping your fleet lean and your costs low. 

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