Full transparency across all aspects of your fleet

By connecting your vehicles, drivers, cargo, and other resources through either ZF or third-party devices, you can keep a clear view of your fleet’s operations.


ZF connectivity

A complete collection of in-house SCALAR EVO devices, specifically designed to connect seamlessly with SCALAR.​

3rd-party connectivity

Open to integration with an eco-system of third-party connectivity services.


Full connectivity

Access a wealth of information, from tacho and PTO, over EBS and DBMS, and far beyond.

Truck connectivity


Seize the present, touch the future

The new Internet of Things on-board computer to connect your fleet with the future.

  • IoT on-board computer with interface
  • Collecting rich vehicle data
  • Gateway between office and road


Keep your data flowing

Advanced telematics to secure a continuous flow of your vehicle and driver data.

  • Connect the tachograph, integrate IoT tags & more
  • Permanent and secure gateway for truck & driver information
  • One solution across your multi-brand vehicle park
  • Compatible with ZF’s back-office platform

Video Management Solution (VMS)

Get the full picture to move forward

Video intelligence providing visibility into any traffic situation and driving behavior.

  • 1080p HD lens with ultra-wide viewing angle
  • 24/7 recording with up to 14 days onboard video storage
  • Identify any abnormal situation or behavior
  • Advanced monitoring platform and safety dashboard

Trailer connectivity


Rely on your trailer guardian

Connect all your trailers for operational efficiency and improved safety.

  • State-of-the-art trailer telematics sets new standards
  • Advanced remote diagnostics and Track & Trace capabilities
  • Integrated truck/trailer data at home base
  • Optimize trailer utilization and efficiency


Feel the pulse of your asset

Improve daily operations and remotely diagnose health of your trailers.

  • Robust telematics solution
  • Supplies real-time location & rich EBS data
  • Integrated truck/trailer data at home base
  • Directly connect to ZF tire sensors

The best fit for your fleet

Be it automating processes for Autonomous Vehicle (AV) deployment in smart cities or handling varied levels of complexities for cargo transportation, SCALAR has you covered.

Short haul delivery

Long haul transport

On demand mobility

Fixed routes mobility

The SCALAR experience

Get everything you need in one modular platform

Built with over 30 years of experience in fleet management, our one-of-a-kind platform offers a streamlined, connected, ecosystem, and AI experience.

A leaner, greener, and safer future

Ensure optimal customer satisfaction across the board


Are you productive

Optimize your fleet operations for better delivery and customer satisfaction.

Are you reliable

Maximize your fleet uptime with proactive maintenance, efficient route planning, and rapid issue resolution to ensure on time delivery.

Are you compliant

Always meet regulations regarding your data storage, document and payments, to avoid unexpected penalties.


Are you sustainable

Reduce your carbon footprint and energy cost per delivery to ensure sustainable business operations.

Are you secure

Ascertain your fleet security to avoid theft, intrusion, and unauthorized use.


Are you safe

Prevent accidents and adhere to necessary protocols to improve driver and public safety.



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