Take the smart road to sustainability

Fuel costs, tire wear and maintenance impact both the environment and your business. By automating your fleet with SCALAR you gain real-time insights for environmentally friendly fleet management. It not only monitors but also improves your fleet performance, aligning with your sustainability goals. Together, let’s make a lasting, positive impact on the future. 

Driving towards sustainable fleet solutions

Achieving your sustainability objectives requires solutions that blend effectiveness with ease. Regardless of your fleet’s nature, embracing automated workflows, AI-driven solutions and telematics can be transformative. SCALAR not only ensures compliance with regulatory standards but also positions you competitively as a responsible and forward-thinking fleet.


Long haul

High energy demands, long distances, and heavy cargo contribute to their eco-footprint. SCALAR streamlines your operations, cutting down emissions and costs.


Short haul

Make your fleet greener and more cost-effective in congested areas. Reduce idling, optimize routes, and improve driver scheduling for eco-friendly operations. 



Leverage AI for efficient scheduling of pickups and deliveries, route planning, and collecting electronic signatures. Deliver sustainably, safely and with service excellence.

Making your fleet sustainable

gives you a competitive edge

Sustainability is good for business

Cut down on fuel usage and carbon emissions with real-time tracking of fuel consumption and driving time. SCALAR guides drivers to the optimal fuel stations considering price, location, and route.

Meet the decarbonization legislation with our AI-based SCALAR platform. Vehicle connectivity facilitates your shift towards electrification and digitization, essential for achieving greener mobility.

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Generate automated reports to highlight your efforts in greening your fleet, enhancing your eco-friendly brand image and attracting loyal customers. 

Track and optimize your fleet’s environmental performance with SCALAR. Gain insights on carbon emissions and fuel consumption to improve your fleets’ efficiency and cut costs.


One platform web app


Comprehensive solutions for fleet efficiency, transparency, and sustainability. You can use our AI-based platform to automate workflows, save time, and increase your profits in real-time.

Key Features

Streamlined fleet management with shared tools, increased transparency, strong supply chain collaboration, and AI for efficient transport complexities.


Get full transparency across all aspects of your fleet. By connecting your vehicles, drivers, cargo, and other resources, you can keep a clear view of your fleet’s operations. 

Revolutionize the way you manage your fleet

Did you know?

By implementing fleet and tire pressure management solutions for each connected trailer, you could save an estimated 2 tons of CO2!

The right solutions for your people and your fleet

Drivers are key to advancing sustainability, and SCALAR equips them to make eco-friendly choices every day. Provide them with insights on vehicle performance, driving behavior, fuel consumption and optimal routes. 


Driving efficiency

Provide real-time feedback and training to help drivers improve their driving efficiency leading to reduced fuel consumption.


Promote eco-friendly actions

Encourage drivers to adopt eco-friendly driving behavior, avoiding speeding, harsh braking and accelerating, and choosing optimal routes.


Leverage, SCALAR, our AI-based platform to transform your dispatch operations into a force for sustainability. It empowers dispatchers to optimize routes, manage maintenance, and ensure compliance, contributing significantly to an eco-friendly industry.

Smarter route planning

Use our solutions to optimize routes and schedules, reducing travel time and distance, and elevating productivity and customer satisfaction.


Proactive vehicle care

Monitor vehicle health schedule preventive maintenance proactively, aligning with environmental regulations, ensuring a healthier fleet and planet.

productivity general

Workshops are crucial in the sustainability chain, leveraging vehicle data for smarter, efficient repairs and proactive maintenance. Additionally, accurate data utilization helps in monitoring emissions and adhering to environmental regulations. 


Efficient repairs

Use vehicle data for precise diagnostics and repairs, preventing breakdowns, and extending vehicle life.

Emissions compliance

Track and report emissions levels, ensuring vehicles meet environmental regulations and avoid penalties.


“For three generations, we’ve been offering safe and efficient transport solutions, ensuring timely delivery, cost awareness and respect for the environment. With ZF’s solutions, Chemical Express confidently embraces the future."

Talk to our SCALAR experts

Your all-in-one experience

Custom solutions for your specific operations


Are you productive

Optimize your fleet operations for better delivery and customer satisfaction. Improve overall performance with real-time data. 


Are you safe

Enhance driver safety with our solutions to prevent road hazards and improve driver and public safety.


Are you compliant

Compliance is a dynamic process that affects all types of fleets. Telematics allow you to meet regulations and demonstrate your responsibility.

Are you reliable

Maximize your fleet uptime with proactive maintenance, efficient route planning, and rapid issue resolution to facilitate on time delivery.


Are you secure

Protect your assets and cargo with our security solutions. Real-time updates and notifications help you prevent theft, intrusion, and unauthorized use.



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