Smart solutions for fleet security

Security threats such as cargo tampering, unauthorized access, and criminal activity pose serious challenges to your business’ continuity and safety. How can they tackle these challenges? One way is to enhance fleet visibility, control, and resilience through smart technology and automation enabling swift response to security breaches and shielding your precious cargo. Securing transportation is not just a feature – it’s essential

Protect your cargo and your business

Cargo damage and tampering can hurt your reputation and profits. This is where SCALAR steps in. Arm your trailers with electronic locks, choose secure parking spaces, and track your cargo for enhanced visibility. Your fleet’s strength lies in adopting cutting-edge technology and proactive security measures.


Long haul

On the road drivers face a range of potential risks like unauthorized access to trailers and containers. Real-time visibility, cargo monitoring, and remote door control can deter unauthorized access.


Short haul

Managing multiple routes can lead to errors, such as lost or misplaced cargo. With dispatchers crafting optimized routes and the added transparency from tracking cargo, both customers and drivers benefit. 



Frequent stops may leave vehicles and cargo left unattended, increasing the risk of theft or vandalism. Combat this by monitoring cargo conditions, providing data-driven insights, and offering feedback to drivers and dispatchers.

Protecting your fleet:

a smart business move

Increasing your security levels leads to more revenue

Track your fleet and cargo actively to ensure optimal protection across your logistic chain. Get real-time alerts for theft, unexpected route deviations, or operational errors, putting you at the forefront of response and prevention.

Monitor door locks and cargo from anywhere to manage your cargo security. This will prevent unauthorized access to trailers. Deploy remote encryption, stab-resistant trailer sides, and sensors to minimize losses and damage. 

Monitor your cargo’s location, temperature, and movement to preserve its quality. Manage risks like reckless driving and overloading to protect your goods. This way, you reduce customer claims and uphold cargo standards.

Transform your fleet operations from reactive to proactive. Connect your fleet and leverage data analysis for smarter business decisions. Keep stakeholders, dispatchers and drivers informed on the most effective actions, enhancing operational efficiency.


One platform web app


Comprehensive solutions for fleet efficiency, transparency, and sustainability. You can use our AI-based platform to automate workflows, save time, and increase your profits in real-time.

Key Features

Streamlined fleet management with shared tools, increased transparency, strong supply chain collaboration, and AI for efficient transport complexities.


Get full transparency across all aspects of your fleet. By connecting your vehicles, drivers, cargo, and other resources, you can keep a clear view of your fleet’s operations. 

Revolutionize the way you manage your fleet


That’s the daily loss value of cargo theft in the first 6 months of 2023. (*)

* Transport Asset Protection Association Cargo Crime Monitor 

The right solutions for your people and your fleet

SCALAR revolutionizes fleet security with real-time data flow, enhancing drivers’ awareness. It integrates door lock solutions and sensors, and also is able to anticipate future threats. This minimizes freight damage and guides drivers to safer parking spaces. Drivers can take the appropriate actions when similar safety risks arise. Increase your fleet’s security with our AI-driven solution to protect your business. 


Smart operations

Our cutting-edge on-board computer, equipped with IoT (Internet of Things) technology, processes extensive remote and trailer data for secure operations.


Safe operations

Use big data analytics to assess driving, service times, weather and traffic patterns. You can direct drivers to safe locations and parking lots.


Connectivity is the cornerstone of fleet protection. Fleet managers require full visibility and control over assets to address security challenges effectively. SCALAR empowers you to manage security levels remotely and actively. Monitor driver adherence to safe parking practices, prevent trailer intrusions, and control door locking mechanisms, ensuring constant fleet security.


Enhanced security

SCALAR features smart door locks and an integrated anti-start function, providing an extra defense layer against unauthorized use.


Collaborative security

By sharing big data with shippers, government offices and safety associations we foster security alliances. This collaborative approach helps preempt risks, enhancing overall security.

productivity general

Customers demand certainty that their cargo will arrive timely and intact. SCALAR ensures end-to-end visibility and traceability, tracking shipments from origin to destination. Our comprehensive security solutions protect against cargo from theft, damage, or loss. The system swiftly counters security threats and proactively guards customer goods with predictive measures.

360° protection

We provide a full suite of security features: secure locks, telematics, sensors, alarms, and stab-resistant tarpaulins.


Intelligent security

SCALAR promptly alerts you to any intrusion attempts, enabling rapid, AI-enhanced responses to safeguard your shipments effectively.


“Our fleet is already equipped with ZF’s advanced telematics, so the addition of a reinforced and connected curtain-sider tarpaulin enables us to significantly increase the security we offer to our customers’ cargo."

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Your all-in-one experience

Custom solutions for your specific operations


Are you productive

Optimize your fleet operations for better delivery and customer satisfaction. Improve overall performance with real-time data. 


Are you safe

Enhance driver safety with our solutions to prevent road hazards and improve driver and public safety.


Are you compliant

Compliance is a dynamic process that affects all types of fleets. Telematics allow you to meet regulations and demonstrate your responsibility.


Are you sustainable

Reduce your carbon footprint. Adapt your sustainability strategies and gain a competitive edge as a responsible business.

Are you reliable

Maximize your fleet uptime with proactive maintenance, efficient route planning, and rapid issue resolution to facilitate on time delivery.



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