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Welcome to SCALAR

SCALAR is your ideal platform to reach new levels of performance. Its modular and dynamic design gets the most out of your connectivity devices, ensuring optimal performance of your trailers. SCALAR is the best fit for your fleet.

Everything you need in one Platform

SCALAR is designed to simplify tasks and optimize operations, giving you complete access to fleet performance with real-time visibility and crystal clear visuals. Automate manual processes, measure improvements through statistical analysis, and generate advanced reports to track progress effectively.

Your Fleet in one Glance

The SCALAR dashboard offers a clear, intuitive navigation, with user-friendly controls and interactive features. This allows you to efficiently and seamlessly oversee all trailer activities in real-time.

  • Simple login in your preferred language
  • Manage users, teams, and assets with a few clicks
  • Track vehicle positions and movement
  • Access route data for analysis and planning

Manage your Trailer Data

Capture a maximum of data on your trailer, which is automatically sent to the SCALAR back-office platform, into the technical and operational performance of your fleet.

  • Real-time visibility with Track & Trace
  • Maximum deployment
  • Efficient transport planning

Optimize Reefer Operations

Get an overview of reefer data for each asset. Accurate temperature control ensures your goods arrive in optimal condition.

  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Compliance with regulations (e.g., food safety standards)
  • Detailed reports for enhanced visibility
  • Adjust reefer settings remotely

Monitor Trailer Health

Keep your trailers in top shape with advanced remote diagnostics. Optimize trailer maintenance and uptime and improve overall safety.

  • Facilitate regulatory compliance
  • Extend tire tread life
  • Improve driving style

Manage Trailer Events

Use historical route data to identify patterns for better planning, operational efficiency, and trailer performance to avoid potential mechanical issues.

  • Operating Data Recorder (ODR) for diagnostics code history
  • Analyze braking patterns with EBS events
  • Detailed trailer ID card
  • ODR-based dashboarding
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