Tailored solutions for your transportation requirements

Whether you need, provide or integrate with fleet management, SCALAR offers you custom solutions for your specific operations.



Maximize your fleet efficiency with tailored solutions to meet your needs



Become the right partner to your fleet customers



Bring the next generation of supply chain management, today


Excellence for fleets

Maximize your fleet efficiency with the right connectivity and the right set of differentiated digital tools to better run your operations.

Rely on SCALAR for efficient fleet management, ensuring you optimum customer service and peace of mind while transporting goods with heavy-duty vehicles, from truck or trailer fleets to mixed fleets. All your custom workflows tool integrations and compliance needs can be met for your planners, dispatchers, and drivers.





Containers & Chassis

Long haul transport

Optimize your trailers with the right connectivity solutions that are tailored to the specific trailer category. Achieve fast response times and optimal deployment of your trailers and freight using SCALAR. 


Up to 10 door and sensor connections

Reefer temperature, logger and two-way control


Maintenance and repair insights using ABS, TPMS, and diagnostics

Location & routing

Different fleets have different needs. Empower your fleet with precision and efficiency using adaptable and scalable solutions. Whether you’re tracking temperature-sensitive cargo, monitoring container security, or optimizing fuel efficiency, we offer a range of solutions to keep your fleet performing at its best.

Case 1

A fleet operator with reefer vans uses the battery-powered SCALAR EVO Guard to monitor internal temperature, fuel, and monitor perishable cargo while trailer is untethered.

Case 2

A fleet operator with dry van trailers uses the battery-powered SCALAR EVO Cast to allow better asset tracking even while the trailer is dropped.

Case 3

A fleet operator of specialty long haul carrier dry vans uses SCALAR EVO Cast without battery to track trailer weight, wheel end health, and geofencing entry and exit points.

On demand mobility

Benefits for OEMs

Differentiate your product easily. Rely on maximum vehicle utilization, efficient claims management, and optimized production costs, benefiting the growth and sustainability of both your business and your customers.

Customer service

Maintain a complete overview of vehicle conditions, workshop activities and regulation compliance. These guarantee optimum customer ROI per vehicle and identify new service areas.

Build better vehicles

Gain unique insights on vehicle components with real-time information and recommendations.


Manage claims better

Understand how customers utilize every vehicle to affirm fair handling of warranty claims and workshop services.

Promote predictive vehicle maintenance

Identify root causes of vehicle malfunctioning, predict future incidents, and recommend preventative actions using historical data.

Cutting-edge software services

Enhance fleet management for your customers with a diverse array of cutting-edge software services (SaaS). Save on investments in digital infrastructure and platform architecture while you keep on offering differentiated digital subscription services for fleets.


A simpler connection

Make installation easy. It only takes a single cable to enable a connection to your braking, lighting, and wheel-end systems.

Maximum road transparency

Choose SCALAR EVO products for premium vehicle connectivity devices for trucks, trailers, and more.


Optimize fleet productivity

You can draw back on a comprehensive digital portfolio (planning, routing, dispatching, Driving Behavior Analysis, Refueling Analysis and more).


Confidence for the ecosystem

As our global network of trade & commerce and transportation get increasingly inter-connected, every stakeholder shares the responsibility to ensure carbon neutrality, transparent activities, regulation compliance and business efficiency.

Whether you govern mobility for cargo or people as authorities, or comply with governance as transport ecosystem partners, SCALAR helps you achieve and elevate your KPIs.

Bring total transparency to shippers, 1PL (1st party logistics) fleets, freight forwarders and logistics providers with SCALAR’s global network of connected vehicles and unique insights.

Be the preferred choice for fleets by providing a wide range of offerings from the best-in-class telematics devices to rich fleet management tools.

Transport facilitation

Bringing the next generation of mobility today requires automated information flow in logistics links and urban transport optimization. With SCALAR’s open, dynamic and modular platform, you have the best tools to leverage Big Data and excel in decision science to bring autonomous, connected and electric vehicles on the road.

Mobility platform & automation

Create your digital service

Core platform services including data storage, data privacy, user management, business central audit logging, MCU (multi-data source), real-time push, billing and more


Design your digital service

Unique design system, component library and the SCALAR one-web experience


Deploy and improve your digital service

Run your service, understand your product usage and build better developer experience


Do science with your data

SCALAR’s Data Lakehouse offers data mapping, streaming & ingestion, data security, business intelligence and more

The SCALAR experience

Get everything you need in one modular platform

Built with over 30 years of experience in fleet management, our one-of-a-kind platform offers a streamlined, connected, ecosystem, and AI experience.

A leaner, greener, and safer future

Ensure optimal customer satisfaction across the board


Are you productive

Optimize your fleet operations for better delivery and customer satisfaction.

Are you reliable

Maximize your fleet uptime with proactive maintenance, efficient route planning, and rapid issue resolution to ensure on time delivery.

Are you compliant

Always meet regulations regarding your data storage, document and payments, to avoid unexpected penalties.


Are you sustainable

Reduce your carbon footprint and energy cost per delivery to ensure sustainable business operations.

Are you secure

Ascertain your fleet security to avoid theft, intrusion, and unauthorized use.


Are you safe

Prevent accidents and adhere to necessary protocols to improve driver and public safety.



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