Keep your fleet on the move

Picture this: one of your trucks breaks down unexpectedly, costing you repairs, deliveries, and customers. Now, imagine the opposite: proactive maintenance and predictive diagnostics that keep your fleet always road ready. With high uptime, you can meet deadlines, earn trust, attract new business, and grow your revenue.

Your fleet’s path to uninterrupted success

Fleets face many challenges that impact uptime, from driver behavior and vehicle maintenance to unforeseen road events. The solution? Embrace telematics which empower long haul, short haul, and delivery operations with invaluable real-time data and insights about your vehicles and drivers.


Long haul

Supply chain disruptions especially for the long haul can impact schedules and customer satisfaction. Our solutions mitigate disruptions with insightful data on vehicle performance.


Short haul

Short-haul fleets must deal with issues like traffic congestion, frequent stops, and tight delivery windows. We offer customized solutions that meet your specific needs. 



Last mile and flash deliveries demand precision and efficiency. We help you in meeting these goals by optimizing routes, helping to ensure on-time deliveries, and elevating customer satisfaction.

Uptime isn't just a metric, it's your competitive advantage

Get real-time data on your vehicle’s status, location, driving times, health, and more. Dive deeper into your fleet’s performance using predictive analytics and customizable reporting to make informed decisions ensuring your fleet operates at its best.

Identify critical alerts and fault codes in real-time to make troubleshooting easier and repairs faster. Get ahead on scheduling vehicle servicing and ordering parts to reduce downtime.

Ensure your valuable assets are safe and secure throughout its journey. Cargo monitoring can enhance asset security, theft prevention and even asset recovery.

Stay updated on your vehicle’s health condition, enabling you to address potential issues proactively. This prevents unnecessary stress for your drivers and significantly increases uptime.

One platform web app


Comprehensive solutions for fleet efficiency, transparency, and sustainability. You can use our AI-based platform to automate workflows, save time, and increase your profits in real-time.

Key Features

Streamlined fleet management with shared tools, increased transparency, strong supply chain collaboration, and AI for efficient transport complexities.


Get full transparency across all aspects of your fleet. By connecting your vehicles, drivers, cargo, and other resources, you can keep a clear view of your fleet’s operations. 

The right solutions for your people

Our platform goes beyond vehicle tracking. It alerts drivers about critical factors like tire pressure, enabling them to proactively prevent breakdowns. Additionally, our security features and temperature sensors allow them to monitor the state of their cargo, preventing costly cargo damage claims.


Seize the present

Use our cutting-edge Internet of Things on-board computer to stay in touch with your fleet at all times.


Touch the future

Take full advantage of data-driven telematics to support your drivers, enhance their skills, and improve job satisfaction.


Enable your dispatchers to easily monitor every aspect of your fleet, from real-time location tracking to route optimization, speed control, as well as fuel consumption analysis. Telematics helps them to proactively manage maintenance needs, keeping vehicles in top-notch condition and minimizing unexpected breakdowns. The office becomes a hub of efficiency and reliability, delivering exceptional service and maximizing uptime for your customers.

A streamlined experience

All of your fleet working with the same tools, in the same way, to simplify your operations.


A connected experience

Connect all your assets and resources for full fleet transparency and alignment.

productivity general

Your all-in-one experience

Custom solutions for your specific operations


Are you productive

Optimize your fleet operations for better delivery and customer satisfaction.


Are you safe

Enhance driver safety and provide real-time data to prevent accidents and improve driver and public safety.


Are you compliant

Compliance is a dynamic process that affects all types of fleets. Telematics allow you to meet regulations and demonstrate your responsibility.


Are you sustainable

Reduce your carbon footprint. Use telematics to adapt your sustainability strategies and gain a competitive edge as a responsible business.


Are you secure

Protect your assets and cargo with our security solutions. Real-time updates and notifications help you prevent theft, intrusion, and unauthorized use.



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