Your all-in-one experience, today and tomorrow

SCALAR is your comprehensive solution for fleet efficiency, transparency, and sustainability. 


Your fleet working with the same tools, in the same way



Gain full transparency across all aspects of your fleet



Strong collaboration with your supply chain partners



Handle transport complexities with minimized effort

One platform web app

A streamlined experience

Your fleet working with the same tools, in the same way

One web-based portal to streamline all your digital fleet processes to simplify collaboration between your managers, planners, dispatchers, drivers, subcontractors and customers.


Service time management

Planning and routing

Business intelligence



A connected experience

Gain full transparency across all aspects of your fleet

By connecting your vehicles, drivers, cargo, and other resources through either ZF or third-party devices, you can keep a clear view of your fleet’s operations.


ZF connectivity

A complete collection of in-house SCALAR EVO devices, specifically designed to connect seamlessly with SCALAR.

3rd-party connectivity

Open to integration with an eco-system of third-party connectivity services.


Full connectivity

Access a wealth of information from ABS and DBMS.


An ecosystem experience

Strong collaboration with your supply chain partners

An open platform to foster collaboration with your shippers, freight-forwarders, OEMs and others.


Open platform

SCALAR drives your fleet collaboration with diverse ecosystem partners providing – TMS, supply chain visibility, toll, insurance, rental services and more.


Data science

SCALAR acquires, secures and governs your data based on your preferences, from ingestion to business intelligence.


Modular services

SCALAR enriches your portfolio with digital services tailored to your business needs.


An AI experience

Handle transportation complexities with minimized effort

Limitations of human abilities become opportunities for SCALAR. Through predictive and prescriptive intelligence, SCALAR automatically processes data about your fleet and ecosystem.

What has happened?

SCALAR highlights historical anomalies driving actionability in your fleet.

Why did it happen?

SCALAR analyzes large historical data sets revealing insights towards improvement.

What may happen?

SCALAR provides forecasting insights allowing you to decide on a better future.

Optimized actions

SCALAR simulates future scenarios and can optimize actions towards optimization.

The best fit for your fleet

Be it diagnosing problems remotely to keep your assets moving or giving total transparency into your trailer, SCALAR has you covered.


Wheel end health

Keep an eye on brake pad wear, leakages, and heat developments early on.


Fault code alerts

Identify fault code alerts instantly and waste no time scheduling vehicle service.


Light-out detection

Ensure lighting safety to help improve compliance and CSA scores. 

Load management

Monitor axle load and cargo capacity to optimize asset utilization.

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