Driving compliance is the road to success

Complying with regulations is a necessity. From strict service times to data storage and documentation, there are many rules to follow. Failing to comply can result in fines, reputation damage, and loss of customer trust. With SCALAR, you can utilize precise tracking, simplifying how you go about adhering to regulations.

Mastering compliance made easy

Compliance is a dynamic process that impacts all types of fleets. Stay ahead of changing regulations with SCALAR, ZF’s AI-driven fleet orchestration platform. Transform real-time data into actionable insights for optimal business performance.


Long haul

Simplify the complexities of cross-border operations, driver safety, data security and privacy through automation. Use smart data to effectively navigate these regulations.


Short haul

Meet local governmental regulations by using real-time data with advanced connectivity and AI, minimizing delays and cutting costs. 



Get real-time information on loading and unloading to make sure your business meets all regulatory requirements while increasing safety and customer satisfaction.

Compliance benefits both
your business and people

Say goodbye to manual reporting of location and border crossings. SCALAR’s automated system not only streamlines but also strengthens your data privacy and security measures efficiently.

Create reports to prove your compliance, help lower your costs and improve inefficiencies. Maintain accurate maintenance records and easily track trailer health to ensure you’re staying compliant with legislation requirements.

Navigate the complexities of cross-border compliance effortlessly with geofencing. Fleet operators and dispatchers can identify and avoid restricted areas.

Send alerts to drivers for rest breaks and help them comply with regulations. By enhancing the safety and comfort of your drivers, you secure their retention, the continuity of your operations, and the profitability of your business.

Customer service

One platform web app


Comprehensive solutions for fleet efficiency, transparency, and sustainability. You can use our AI-based platform to automate workflows, save time, and increase your profits in real-time.

Key Features

Streamlined fleet management with shared tools, increased transparency, strong supply chain collaboration, and AI for efficient transport complexities.


Get full transparency across all aspects of your fleet. By connecting your vehicles, drivers, cargo, and other resources, you can keep a clear view of your fleet’s operations. 

Drive compliance for drivers, dispatchers, and customers

Equip your fleet with smart technology to meet diverse regulations on asset health, road safety, and emissions. This will help you meet regulations, and your business will gain competitive advantage.

Keep drivers rested

Use alerts to help drivers adhere to service times requirements.


Ensure safe parking

Empower your drivers to easily find safe parking spots, ensuring driver safety and adherence to regional parking rules or customer site regulations.


Manage your fleet efficiently and effectively with automation and remote solutions. Our platform lets you track the location and performance of your trucks and drivers, to make sure they stay compliant.


Sync and comply

All of your fleet operates using the same tools in the same way, simplifying your operations.


Customize alerts

Configure your notification settings and monitor real-time alerts on vehicle status, asset health, speed, geofence zones, and more.

productivity general

Customers expect timely, quality, and eco-friendly delivery of goods. You need visibility into the status of your shipments, the performance of your carriers, and the compliance of your logistics partners.


Protected data

Protect your customer data with smart technology and comply with the highest standards of data storage regulations.

Transparent operations

Create automated and customized reports that demonstrate your business’s adherence to the legislation and provide full transparency to your customers.

Your all-in-one experience

Custom solutions for your specific operations


Are you productive

Optimize your fleet operations for better delivery and customer satisfaction. Improve overall performance with real-time data. 


Are you safe

Enhance driver safety with our solutions to prevent road hazards and improve driver and public safety.

Are you reliable

Maximize your fleet uptime with proactive maintenance, efficient route planning, and rapid issue resolution to facilitate on time delivery.


Are you sustainable

Reduce your carbon footprint. Adapt your sustainability strategies and gain a competitive edge as a responsible business.


Are you secure

Protect your assets and cargo with our security solutions. Real-time updates and notifications help you prevent theft, intrusion, and unauthorized use.



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